New design, and some other things

I liked my old site’s design. It was clean, stayed true to the grid I put it on, and overall felt like a great accomplishment for me to finally put it all together. However, there were some problems with it. Because of this, I’ve decided to update my site with a new design.

This post is not about the current theme, but the one before it. Still, I thought I would keep it up for the screenshots of other ideas I had. Enjoy!

The old site was made as a partial experiment. Before creating it, I had never written a WordPress theme. By coincidence, I had recently created a clean looking design for the site. I decided the best thing to do would be to create for myself a new site, and at the same time learn how to use WordPress by writing my first theme.

One of the first iterations of the old site’s design:

I will miss my old site’s design, but I am looking forward to using this new one. Under the hood, this theme is much faster. The old site was horribly hard to modify, since I had no idea of how to properly write a WordPress theme back then!

Another change that you might notice is that I no longer have a Portfolio page. One reason I did this was that my old site wasn’t set up very well to make additions to the Portfolio section. Also, I felt like I wasn’t presenting my work as well as I should have, and I would rather not show my work at all than to display it in a poor manner.

Eventually, I plan on making a new page on this new site that will replace the Portfolio page. Instead of just posting a couple of pictures and a few lines of text, I plan on writing out my entire design process. An example of what I plan to do can be seen on my recent posting of the design process of the DOVA website. Look for more of these types of posts here in the future.

I plan on making changes to this site in the near future, so don’t freak out if things seem out of place. To end this post, I’m going to finish by showing a few designs I came up with for my site that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy!

My attempt at a 24 pixel line-height, and all serif fonts:

A very obvious grid layout:

The design I made months before making this one:

A clean design I just recently came up with:

Note: You will definitely see these designs be integrated in the future with either this site or others.


  1. Matt Sauter

    I really enjoyed the DOVA process post. Glad to see that you have plans to more fully integrate this presentation format into the site.


  2. twe4ked

    Great new design, I love your strong sense of the grid system :)

  3. Chris

    Thanks guys!

  4. Colin Stephen

    All of these are amazing!

    You should consider releasing one, either for exposure… or even perhaps for money. Either way, I love all the screenshots here and the obvious unique approach you have used with each one.

    Someone I can definitely learn from! Cheers.

  5. Chris


    Thanks for all the kind words! I’m always designing sites when I have a spare hour or two, but I never really finish them. For example, I have at least three WordPress themes that are pretty much finished, but I’ve gotten distracted and never completed them.

    Hopefully this summer I will get some spare time to get some stuff out the door. I really want to become more productive, but right now with work and school taking up most of my time, it’s really hard to do that.

    Again, thanks for the comment, I really do appreciate it!

  6. Auntie Wendy

    I like the new site. I like the new “CV” logo and, of course, I love the color green that you chose! Keep up the good work, Chris!

    • Chris

      Thanks Wendy! The green may change, but I’m happy with the way it looks for now.

  7. Visual Idiot

    I must say, you’ve become a source of inspiration for me; not only for the Fillerama (which I use in all mockups now), but your use of the grid system is phenomenal.

    A great talent, says I!

    • Chris

      Thanks dude! I’m happy you enjoy my work. I need to ask you about something, but I’ll do it over twitter next time I think about it.